Peter Howe

MS Graduate Student

School of Forest Resources

Peter Howe is a Masters student working with Dr. Dan Hayes in the School of Forest Resources. In the Wheatland Lab, Peter works to bring spatial tools and geographic perspectives to his areas of interest in historical ecology and forest management. In his research, Peter uses historical aerial photographs as a landscape record for exploring forest dynamics across the Northern Forest region since the 1930’s. Working with UMaine’s Sewall Collection of 700,000 historical aerial photographs, he is adapting modern photogrammetry techniques for building high-resolution, spatially accurate historical image mosaics to expand the regional remote sensing record. Before joining the Wheatland Lab, Peter worked in and around the woods as a GIS consultant, forestry technician, conservation lands steward, arborist, sugarmaker, and sawyer. In 2018, Peter earned a BA in Geography from Middlebury College.


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