INT527 - Integration of GIS & Remote Sensing Data Analysis in Natural Resource Applications

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INT 527 2020 | Course Schedule and Content

Lecture / Discussion materials & Demo / Lab Data are posted in the Course folder on Box.
The ‘Remote Sensing Tutorial‘ material is available on-line from Natural Resources Canada (or download PDF)

The table below shows the topics covered during each session, with links to content and due dates for assignments:


Intro to GIS, Data Sources and Formats, and Term Project

Intro, Chptrs 1,2,3,5 in Price text; See Proposal Guidelines

blankWed1/22Lab 1: Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS Pro
lecture2Mon1/27Geoids, Datums, and Coordinate SystemsChapter 4 in Price Text
blankWed1/29Selection, queries, and relational databasesChapters 7,9 in Price text;
blankWed1/29Lab 2: Working with projections, tables, attribute queriesLab 1 Report Due (25 pts)
lcture4Mon2/3Vector Data, Spatial JoinsChapters 5 (cont.), 10 in Price text
blankWed2/5Intro to Geoprocessing tools (Overlays)Chapter 10 (cont.) in Price text
blankWed2/5Lab 3: Spatial Joins and overlaysLab 2 Report Due (25 pts)
lecture6Mon2/10Introduction to RastersChapter 6 in Price text
blankWed2/12Spatial AnalystChapter 11 in Price Text
raster analysisWed2/12Lab 4: Raster AnalysisLab 3 Report Due (25 pts)
blankMon2/17NO CLASS (Presidents Day)
metadataWed2/19Editing, Metadata, Sharing dataChapters 8, 12 in Price Text
blankWed2/19Lab 5: Editing, ModelbuilderLab 4 Report Due (25 pts)
geostatisticalMon2/24Geostastical Analyst, Hydrology toolsWeb readings, handouts
blankWed2/26Analysis Scenarios, ReviewNo Lab 5 assignment due
blankWed2/26Lab: Open / Project Work
examMon3/2Take-home exam dueEXAM 1 (50 pts)
intro to rsWed3/4Introduction to Remote Sensing(1) look through the Canada Remote Sensing Tutorial: Chptrs. 1, 2, 4, 5
(2) Watch the “Introduction to Remote Sensing” video
landsatWed3/4Demo / Lab 6:
(1) Remote sensing imagery
(2) Imagery search, download & viewing
(3) Your study area figure
(1) Learn about NAIP, Landsat, Sentinel-2, MODIS, etc.
(2) Register a (free) account at the USGS Earth Explorer
(3) Fill-in Remote Sensing Data Resources table
interpretationMon3/9Digital Image Interpretation
image processingWed3/11Image Processing Workflow
lab7Wed3/11Lab 7: Digital Image Processing(1st draft) Project Abstract Due (25 pts)
blankMon3/16NO CLASS (Spring Break)
spring breakWed3/18NO CLASS (Spring Break)
blankWed3/18NO LAB (Spring Break)
classificationMon 3/23Forest / Land Cover Classification
accuracyWed3/25Classification Accuracy Assessment
classification3Wed3/25Lab 8: Digital Image ClassificationLab 7 Report Due (25 pts)
landtrendrMon3/30An Ecological View of Changevideo; Kennedy et al. 2014
clearcutsWed4/1Forest / Land Cover Change Detectionvideo
rgb-ndviWed4/1Lab 9: Digital Image Change DetectionLab 8 Report Due (25 pts)
lidarMon4/6Introduction to LiDARLidar videos (NEON)
lidar_metricsWed4/8LiDAR Forest Structure MetricsWhite et al., 2013
efiWed4/8Lab 10: Enhanced Forest Inventory ModellingLab 9 Report Due (25 pts)
fragstatsMon4/13Landscape AnalysisLandscape Pattern Metrics
geeWed4/15Google Earth Engine DemoSign-up for an Earth Engine account
nppWed4/15Earth Observation DataLab 10 Report Due (25 pts)
3-d treesMon4/20Digital PhotogrammetryLandscape Pattern Metrics
uavWed4/22UAS demo
chmWed4/22Lab 12: Photo Point CloudsExam 2 Due (50 pts)
Mon4/27Guest Lecture
Wed4/29Guest Lecture
Wed4/29Lab: Open / Project Work
Mon5/4Final Draft of Project Poster Due (by 5pm)
TBDTBDPoster Session (during final exam period)

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