Valeria Briones

Valeria Briones is an MS candidate in the School of Forest Resources.  Climate warming is affecting the social and ecological systems of the northeastern U.S., including changes in the seasonal timing and duration of biophysical processes.  Phenology is the repeated occurrence of seasonal cycles, which are influenced by climate, thus it is important to understand […]

Catherine Chan

Catherine Chan is an MS candidate in the School of Forest Resources.  Her research is focused on the advanced detection of health stress in agricultural fields and forests, which can prompt management responses to mitigate detrimental conditions such as nutrient deficiencies and disease.  New applications in hyperspectral data and imaging spectroscopy to agriculture and forests […]

Dan Hayes

Ph.D. Oregon State University (2006) M.S. University of Maine (1999) B.S. SUNY ESF (1996)   My research, teaching and outreach interests broadly involve scaling questions and geospatial applications in forests and ecosystems.  My research activities range from historical remote sensing analysis of tropical deforestation to biogeochemical modeling of ecosystem-climate feedbacks in the Arctic; from airborne measurement of forest […]